Title: I’m Asian American and… I’m an Entertainment Ninja

Description: A Filipino-American entertainer overcomes racial barriers to successfully navigate the mainstream media industry. (2014)

Title: I’m Asian American and… I’m A Blonde

Description: A celebrity stylist helps actors with fashion choices, but her parents disapprove of her career. (2014)

Title: I’m Asian American and… I’m Gender Queer

Description: A “gender queer” woman discusses her blurred gender identity but has a supportive family who embraces her ambiguity as much as she does. (2014)

Title: I’m Asian American and… Bitches Love Me

Description: A dog lover has a fulfilling career as a dog “manny” and begins to see life from a dog’s perspective- colorblind and non-discriminating. (2014)

Title: I’m Asian American and… I Fight Human Trafficking

Description: An attorney sheds light on the harsh reality of human trafficking of Thais within the borders of the United States. (2014)

Title: I’m Asian American and… I’m a Triplet

Description: The story of these 16-year-old triplets is far from ordinary – two of them are autistic and the only one who isn’t constantly grapples with the uniqueness of his situation. (2014)

Title: I’m Asian American and… I’m Not Sure If I’m Asian

Description: An ethnically ambiguous hip-hop artist takes a genetic test to find out once and for all if he’s part Asian or not. (2014)

Title: I’m Asian American and… I’m a Living Doll

Description: Welcome to the world of the Living Dolls! Lolitas are perceived as sweet and submissive but underneath the bows and ruffles is endless drama in this highly competitive subculture. (2014)

Title: I’m Asian American and… I’m a Dating Coach for Virgins

Description: A dating coach for virgins teaches a 25-year-old cancer survivor who’s never been kissed how to win girls over. (2014)

Title: I’m Asian American and… I Want Reparations for Yellow Fever

Description: Outspoken Kristina Wong gets her reparations by using guys with yellow fever to do outrageous things for her. (2014)

About ‘I’m Asian American and…’

Myx TV, the only English-language multicultural Asian American entertainment network in the United States, premiered its newest original series, “I’m Asian American and…” on April 23, 2014 at 8/7 central. Use the hashtag #IAAA on Twitter and let us know how you like this show!

“I’m Asian American and…” is the first documentary series on American television to focus on the diverse Asian American diaspora, featuring unique and sometimes controversial individuals who do not fit the “model minority” stereotype of the United States’ fastest growing minority group.

The docu-series is shot in and around Los Angeles and consists of 10 episodes. Each episode revolves around real people showing viewers the reality of their lives, from a lawyer who fights human trafficking to a living doll; a dog nanny, a person who does not identify as male or female, a big-time radio DJ, a triplet whose siblings have autism, and many more. From tongue-in-cheek to somber and heartbreaking, each episode of “I’m Asian American and…” will delve into a range of little explored human behaviors and experiences.

“We see ‘I’m Asian American and…’ as a perfect choice for our first original docu-series,” said Miguel Santos, General Manager, Myx TV. “It’s entertaining, provocative, and it challenges every stereotype about Asian Americans while portraying the lives of a diverse group of individuals who are interesting in ways that go way beyond ethnicity.”

“I’m Asian American and…” is produced by Thirsty Tiger Television and Partners and Executive Producers Valerie Chow and Stephen Goetsch. Chow and Goetsch are producers of such cable favorites as “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” (TLC) and the critically acclaimed “The Chef Jeff Project” (The Food Network).

“’I’m Asian American and…’ is not just an Asian American show, it’s an awesome show that millennials, regardless of ethnicity, will love,” said Executive Producers Valerie Chow and Stephen Goetsch. “This is not your mama’s boring oppressed-Asians documentary. On every episode of ‘I’m Asian American and…’ we profile Asian Americans in a fun, tongue-in-cheek way that will make you re-think the stereotypes and pre-conceived notions about the Asian American experience.”

Executive producers for Thirsty Tiger Television are Valerie Chow and Stephen Goetsch. For Myx TV, executive producer and executive in charge of production is Miguel Santos.

The series will be available in all of Myx TV’s platforms, which includes over 12 million households on cable and satellite providers such as Comcast, Time Warner, Cox and DIRECTV; VOD online via www.myx.tv; and on OTT platforms Roku, Samsung Smart TV and Blu-Ray, and Sony Bravia and Blu-Ray. Myx TV is distributed by International Media Distribution, which is owned by NBC Universal.